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Women against modern feminism. Modern feminism. Modern.

Today girls are being kidnapped and sold into marriage for going to school. Open your eyes to what’s outside your own backyard and realize that action needs to be taken. So while you maliciously blog against something that’s meant to help people, some people are out there actually making a difference for these girls. Get your head out of your ass and stop thinking being against feminism makes you seem smart because so many others agree with it.

Men and women in third world countries need human rights, not feminism.
"Girls are being kidnapped and sold into marriage for going to school." What about the boys? Don’t they suffer? Why always only the girls/women if feminism is supposed to be about equality?
"While you maliciously blog against something that’s meant to help people…" It is supposed to help people, it USED to help people, but it doesn’t anymore. That is why people are speaking up against modern feminism.

Fyi because I want you to realise this.
Do you realise you literally pulled a ‘what about teh menz’ in situation that does not involve men as the victims, but solely as the perpetrators of this crime?
Do you see what’s wrong with thatSeriously

So who actually cares about men because they are not human beings in this countries and don’t deserve rights so let’s only focus on women because they are the only ones that can be oppressed at all

The fucking post was about little girls being trafficked and raped purely because they are girls and you want to derail and bring men into a conversation ABOUT LITTLE GIRLS BEING TRAFFICKED AND RAPED? Why can’t we just talk about them? Why can’t we want to defend them against the people who are hurting them, which oh guess what, ARE MEN! No one says men dont deserve to have rights you piece of trash. That has not been said or implied.
Seriously fuck off with your devils advocate bullshit. You have tons of bigotry you need to shit out and it’s disgusting In a majority of the countries that we’re talking about men have rights. Women are seen as less than human. Women are treated like shit. But no keep championing for the people who oppress. Great person you are.

In third world countries, men are the ones who are put through school even if they don’t want it, even if their sisters are smarter than them. In third world countries, female mortality is skyrocketing because mothers place their son’s health over their daughter’s. In third world countries, rape is used as a weapon to keep villages and individual families cowed, and the expected response to being raped (as a girl)? Suicide. They expect girls to commit suicide to fix the dishonour thrown upon the family because she had sex before marriage. In some villages, girls cannot go to the hospital for treatment because that means admitting they had sex before marriage and THEY will be arrested. In third world countries, girls are sent outside the family home to work because their brothers are getting an education and the family cannot afford it, and they are promised jobs in kitchens/markets/hotels but instead they are sold to brothels where they are locked up with clients until they acquiesce. They are beaten and raped by the people who own the brothels. They are trafficked overseas into more wealthy countries because they’re young and “exotic”.
Don’t be a shit stain and say men need rights over there too, men have more fucking rights than you can imagine. Fucking aids groups who go in on ground level to help the poorest villages have to cater to the men and make sure they don’t feel villainized or they forcibly shut down these programs and then go home and beat their wives for being more literate than them.
Yes, third world countries need our help, but it’s the women we need to focus on because in countries that have given women more rights and protection, their economies have rocketed up. So don’t be a dick and derail a post specifically about women because you think the men need more rights when really the playing field needs to be equalised
Source: Half The Sky: Turning oppression into opportunity for women worldwide - Kristoff and WuDunn


Absolutely. In the US it’s different, but as far as third world countries go.. There is no question that feminism is desperately needed. Not that boys don’t have their troubles in these countries and sometimes entire countries need help.. But women are clearly more victimized and taken advantage of, nearly exclusively by men.
Believe me, I’m someone who always shoots for equality in victimization and blame when discussing feminism, but that’s the US, the modern society that I live in… But when it comes to these poorer countries, the fight is needed.
And that doesn’t mean it’s a fight against all men. It’s a fight against a system that many men (and even many women) are endorsing and continuing.

Okay, so I just want to say that obviously, third world countries need feminism. The things that happen- rape, sex trafficking- all of it, are terrible, terrible things that NEED to be prevented. 
But oppression is not a contest. 
We need feminism in America, too. In fact, we need it everywhere. 
Otherwise it’s like saying, oh, well, our country doesn’t have slaves any more, but all those other countries do. See how much worse off the slaves are in those countries? Don’t be silly and selfish and fight for your equal civil rights! Be happy you’re not a slave! 
No. That doesn’t make sense. So yes, women in America have it a hell of a lot better than women in third world countries. In fact, most people do. 
But that doesn’t mean America is free from sexism and misogyny- or, in fact, racism or homophobia or a dozen other things, or that we shouldn’t fight for better treatment. 


Obsessively trying to eat strictly healthy food and micromanaging all your meals is NOT healthy. Being absolutely terrified of certain foods because they are not 100% “clean” is NOT healthy. Feeling bad for enjoying food, regardless of its nutritional value, is NOT HEALTHY.

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